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In this episode, Dr. Amani Ballour sits down to discuss her upcoming book, The Cave: A Secret Underground Hospital and One Woman’s Story of Survival in Syria, set to be released on March 5th, 2024. This intriguing memoir walks readers through the life of a young doctor and activist who ran an underground hospital in Damascus during the Syrian civil war – humanizing the enduring crisis. As the only woman to have ever run a wartime hospital, Dr.  Ballour saved many people from the horrors of war while simultaneously contending with the patriarchal conservatism around her…

Dr. Ballour is an internationally acclaimed pediatrician and humanitarian who advocates for women and children across the globe. Her story is unlike any other person in Syria, and her impact on the world will be remembered for generations. She is a recipient of the Raoul Wallenberg Prize and currently lives in New Jersey, USA.

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Tune in now to learn about:

  • How the conflict in Syria began, and how Dr. Ballour was involved.
  • Who and what the Syrian regime targeted.
  • How Dr. Ballour’s wartime hospital was started, maintained, and protected.
  • The hardships Dr. Ballour faced as a woman working in medicine.

To follow along with Dr. Ballour’s work, follow her on Twitter now!

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