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What makes it so difficult for those suffering from endometriosis to find a proper diagnosis or relief? Unfortunately, due to misplaced research and lack of credence given to patients, the only practical and available treatments are difficult to obtain. Listen in to learn:

  • The flaws in the retrograde menstruation theory
  • Treatments for stabbing pelvic pain
  • How patients can be better supported

Sallie Sarrel, a pelvic physical therapist, speaks on her research and work surrounding pelvic pain and endometriosis.

Those with endometriosis have struggled to find treatments or even a doctor who will listen to them for a large portion of recent history. Unfortunately, this is due to a lack of up-to-date knowledge, and a misplaced foundation of knowledge proliferated even in treatment as current as of the present.

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Even though effective treatment can be challenging to obtain, alternative options and remedies are available even in your own home. By optimizing the quality of life and experimenting with various physical therapies, relief may be more attainable than many patients may think.

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