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How does cancer begin to spread throughout the body? Epithelial cells may be a significant culprit through cell metastasis and various mutations. Press play to learn:

  • Why the body’s features are consistently placed
  • The impact of the liver’s growth factors
  • Possible breakthroughs in cancer research in the near future

Engda Hagos, M.S., Ph.D., an Associate Professor of Biology at Colgate University, shares his work with cell metastasis and the possible causes and symptoms of metastatic cancer.

Cell metastasis and its impact on cancer can be challenging to examine when attempting to find the origin and initial causes. However, through various mutations and gene structures, traits and actions can be triggered within cells which may not have initially been possible.

The commonly accepted causes of cancer remain largely at fault for many mutations. However, attempting to understand the true nature of cancer will be the endeavor that may bring novel advances in cancer research.

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