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In order to allow products and services such as Netflix, Hulu, or games such as Final Fantasy the opportunity to reach more viewers, StormX has built a gamified microtask platform that rewards its users with cryptocurrency for engaging in short tasks from these companies. The platform is designed to feel more like a game than actual work, and the more you interact with content and different products and services, the higher your cryptocurrency rewards.

By building their platform on the blockchain, StormX can reward users directly rather than going through a middleman, and can increase retention rates for advertisers. So far, they have had 1.5 million downloads of their app, and their users come from 187 different countries. They are also developing a platform that connects employers and people looking for short-time work called StormGig.

This platform will allow people to do short tasks similar to tasks found on Fivrr, Mechanical Turk, or Upwork, but utilizing blockchain means reduced transaction fees that could otherwise eat away at user’s income. Ultimately, StormX hopes to use their platform to make a difference in people’s lives worldwide.

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