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One of the most important questions in the blockchain and cryptocurrency spaces going forward is how to connect digital assets that are located across multiple blockchains. Wanchain offers a unique solution that allows individuals to connect to any chain in a permission-less manner while using ring signatures in order to maintain privacy, but otherwise still allow for transactions to be verified. When funds are moved between chains, they are locked by a group of validators that do not have access to those funds, and who all have an economic incentive to act honestly.

Wanchain recently announced their own decentralized exchange, which has been designed to solve both technology and end-user problems. The use of an Ethereum fork allows Wanchain to use not only Ether, but also ERC20 tokens and protocol tokens.

This also provides necessary liquidity pools and faster transactions.

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Dustin also discusses Wanchain’s goal to strategically build the ecosystem further, how to appropriately scale to match the pace of the blockchain industry, and more.

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For more information, visit www.

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