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BitJob began as a peer-to-peer platform where students can find relevant, short-term jobs while they are still in school–allowing them to both make a small income through the platform and get the experience necessary to find a good paying job after they graduate.

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Users are shown jobs that meet their particular academic background and skill level, and can build a reputation through the platform. While completing their pre-sale last August and ICO last September, BitJob realized that students have more needs than just employment, and have now begun integrating the other types of services that they need in order to be successful, including banking services, insurance, and more in addition to the core employment component of the platform.

BitJob has begun to network globally in order to accomplish this, and already has a partnership with Dutch universities to bring the platform to their students. Though the platform han’t officially been launched yet, they have received thousands of questions about when users will be able to start working and earning through the platform.

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Dror also discusses what he sees as the future of blockchain in regards to how people look for and get paid for work.

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