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As a long time stock and equities trader on the Mercantile exchange, Steve Kanaval has seen commodities rise and fall, and several market bubbles and crashes. He believes that cryptocurrency is not a fad–there will be some growing pains, but cryptocurrency is a paradigm shift in the way that people interact with each other that is here to stay. As news around the globe indicates that some governments plan to become more involved in regulating cryptos, Kanaval warns that cryptocurrencies in the US must start to regulate themselves, or be forced into potentially harmful regulations through the SEC.

Because the risks and rewards of investing in cryptocurrency are perfectly balanced at this point in time, cryptocurrencies should overall grow much larger, and it is estimated that crypto will become ubiquitous within 18 months to 3 years. Through both websites, and, he provides helpful market information for both traditional assets and cryptocurrencies.

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