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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Viome is a gut microbiome testing service that is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to suggest personalized nutritional recommendations. The goal is to balance the gut microbiome inside the human body to improve one’s digestion.

Stephen Barrie of Viome sits down to talk with us about the microbiome, its origin and its importance to everything in life.

Barrie discusses in detail the relationship between one’s biome and health and just how crystal clear and important that bond is.

He also explains why the microbiome fits into what we know of functional medicine; getting to the root of an illness or problem, versus just treating the symptoms. Barrie stands by the idea that all disease starts with our genetics and how we interact with our environment and so why wouldn’t we want to understand an issue from its source.

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Viome finds itself in a fortunate position, in the middle of disrupting the healthcare industry when it comes to health and wellness

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