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Author Survivor and former chartered physiotherapist

Jane McLelland, physiotherapist, alternative cancer treatment expert, and author of How to Starve Cancer expounds upon the wrong turns that many people, unfortunately, take when they set out to fight their cancer. She provides a thorough and extremely important overview of the steps that anyone can take to dramatically improve their chances for survival when faced with a dire diagnosis.

Cancer survivor, Jane McLelland, talks about her background as a physiotherapist and her diagnosis back in 1994 with cervical cancer. McLelland tried all the traditional cancer treatment drugs and methods but made no significant progress. She recounts that it was not until her mother died of secondary breast cancer just two years later that she began to dig into the science of metabolism and get to the root of what was really keeping cancer alive and thriving. She states that when her own cancer moved to her lungs and she advanced to stage four cancer, that her time was considered to be limited, and thus she accelerated her research to find a solution. And as more chemotherapy was not going to help, she knew it was time to try another approach entirely. She discusses some of her research and many of the cancer-fighting regimens she put into place, such as intravenous vitamin C infusion, which some research has shown to be very effective at blocking glycolysis, the metabolic pathway that cancer cells use to thrive.

McLelland’s groundbreaking book, How to Starve Cancer, is an incredible testament to the power of the human spirit. In her book, McLelland breaks down the steps she took to literally starve her cancer of the elements it needed to prosper. McLelland discusses her long journey back to health and the many crucial topics her book covers such as the varying fuel pipelines that must be blocked for each type of cancer. She talks about supplements that can be added to accelerate the cancer fight, and the low-toxicity drugs that exist to fight cancer, many of which have been all but forgotten as researchers tout the newer ‘game changers’ and put all their eggs in that basket.

McLelland details the nature of cancer and how it exhibits incredible determination to flourish, for example, if cancer cells are no longer able to fuel on sugar, they will literally rewire themselves to survive on alternative fuel sources to create more protein and thus create more daughter cells. By preventing the cancer cells from gathering more fuel, patients can put the brakes on the system. McLelland discusses the sections of her book that provide specific detail on proteins, fats, glucose and the cancer cell’s fuel supplies that must be cut off in order to fight the disease. She provides very detailed information on the science behind the metabolic cocktail options that individuals can tailor to their specific cancer. McLelland’s book will help people to find the key metabolic pathways they need to understand in order to fight their cancer. Using herself as a testing laboratory, she experimented to find the best drugs and supplements to starve her own cancer and has gathered this information into a map of sorts that individuals can use to guide their own journey and fight.

McLelland talks about the importance of drugs in the fight against cancer. She states that diet is crucial, but diet alone rarely can achieve the best results, and that it is a combination of diet, supplements, and low-toxicity drugs that provide the proper combination of ingredients. She goes into depth about protein, fat, and carbs, the three essential elements of the human diet. She explains the ways that cancer cells use each to further their survival and the production of daughter cells.

She discusses how the pharmaceutical industry’s testing process is flawed, in that it works on one solution at a time, which is a slow process that needs to be accelerated. She states that her cocktail approach is a means that individuals can begin to implement now, to fight their individual cancers. Additionally, she provides information on the alternative drugs that can be used to fight cancer. These drugs are considered to be ‘alternative’ because they are drugs that were created for different diseases and conditions other than cancer, but McLelland states they can be used as part of a successful cocktail to combat cancer. McLelland talks about the keys to combatting the disease, rethinking the traditional methods somewhat and using all the existing methods together in a more intelligent manner. She mentions that reducing the traditional chemotherapy to much lower doses actually stimulates the immune system, which would not happen with the high doses that traditional cancer treatment recommends in most situations.

McLelland states that the wealth of research she offers in her social media and in her book provides critical information that is backed by science and evidence. McLelland’s method as described in her book takes on the common misconceptions that exist in the theories of cancer treatment. The book delves into the mystery of cancer and answers important questions that can elevate anyone to a higher level of understanding as they forge ahead on their own journey to beat cancer.

Remarkably, McLelland states that in her opinion there is almost no cancer, even at stage four, that cannot be reversed with the proper alternative treatment and protocols. Hope exists!

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