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It’s something that many large employers struggle with: the organized distribution of benefits to thousands of employees. While there may be a benefits strategy in place and hundreds or even thousands of different employee offerings, far too many employers keep these benefits siloed within different administrative systems, with no efficient way to organize or communicate the distribution of them.

This is where YouDecide can help, a consulting technology and voluntary benefits outsourcing firm that organizes and aggregates employer benefit offerings, providing employees with large discounts on a variety of insurances, including auto, pet, legal, accident, life, disability, and long-term care.

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It’s a win-win result: employees save money on high-quality, necessary benefits, and employers gain a level of consistency and streamlined communication in the distribution of high-value benefits.

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Peter Marcia is the CEO of YouDecide and joins the podcast to discuss the ins and out of the services they provide, the primary challenges faced by large employers, and how changes in the healthcare space over the past several years have enhanced the growth and success of his firm.

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