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Jodi Goldstein, the Bruce and Bridgitt Evans Executive Director of Harvard Innovation Labs (, delivers an overview of the innovation marketplace and how students and entrepreneurs can utilize testing and technology to advance their ideas and solve real-world problems. Harvard Innovation Labs includes the Harvard i-lab, the Harvard Launch Lab for alumni, and the Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab for alumni, faculty, and student-focused life science ventures.

Goldstein has over 20 years experience as a formidable startup executive, an enterprising co-founder, and investor. Her specific expertise in consumer and e-commerce, mobile, and luxury goods businesses, combined with her strong management skills have allowed her to carry many projects and initiatives to new heights of achievement. Notably, Goldstein had leadership roles in venture-backed startups such as iMarket (that was later successfully sold to D&B), PlanetAll (that was built up then acquired by Amazon for $100M+), as well as Mobicious,, and

Goldstein discusses the many companies and projects she has worked with and led to success. And she outlines some of the potential pitfalls that entrepreneurs can fall prey to. Goldstein explains that entrepreneurs and innovators need to test their early ideas in regard to practicality and validation, to assess their relative value in the marketplace. She outlines the value that industry leaders can bring to their respective companies by utilizing advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual augmented reality, and blockchain.

Harvard Innovation Labs’ mission states that knowledge is certainly the engine of innovation, but the combination of connection and collaboration is the critical fuel needed for forward progress. By unlocking unrealized value, Harvard Innovation Labs can have a tremendous impact on markets, the world, and the individuals who utilize the valuable input and services they provide. Goldstein’s work involves helping students and entrepreneurs take their ideas and apply them to solve real-world problems.

Goldstein discusses the diverse areas in which Harvard Innovation Labs provides expertise and assistance. She provides an overview of their extensive ecosystem in terms of what it offers. For example, the i-lab is a full-service space for currently enrolled Harvard students who are interested in pursuing innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities. Launch Lab X is their innovative new accelerator inside the i-lab that is designed for eligible Harvard alumni who are already pushing forward their promising early-stage startup ventures. And the Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab is for Harvard students and faculty, as well as alumni who are working on important life sciences and biotech startups and ventures. From medical to advanced technology, Goldstein describes how their innovation techniques and methods have helped creators and entrepreneurs walk their own unique path to breakthroughs and successes.

Goldstein holds an MBA from Harvard and a BS in International Business from the University of Vermont. She has been featured in Fast Company and The Boston Globe and is a regular contributor to Fortune as part of its Entrepreneur Insider network. Her broad range of skills and experience has prepared her for the challenges of leading Harvard Innovation Labs to continued success as they engage with the global community. And she is motivated to implement new strategic initiatives that can potentially expand their student and alumni range, presence, and impact while simultaneously serving as the chief liaison to the organization’s prominent stakeholders, as well as the national and international community.

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