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“If you can’t sleep, so what?” asks Annie Miller.

Well, you may or may not agree, but the point she’s making is that it’s far better to not care about a lack of sleep than to panic about it.

Press play for more of her insights and learn:

  • How different people are responding differently to the virus-related shutdowns and re-entry into the “old” way of life
  • Why the bed should only be for sleeping
  • Why eight hours of sleep isn’t best for everyone

Annie Miller is a psychotherapist and the founder of DC Metro Sleep and Psychotherapy, a private practice in Bethesda, Maryland. Her specialties include sleep and insomnia, anxiety, trauma, and chronic pain.

In today’s show, she discusses how the current virus situation has been impacting people’s anxiety and sleep health, and also explains her approach to helping people through these issues. In the process, she provides several tips on establishing and maintaining good sleep hygiene.

Tune in for all the details and visit to learn more.

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