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Medtech Impact on Wellness

How can Diabetes treatment be made more accessible and easy to use? By encouraging the availability of products to be all under one roof and finding less invasive treatment methods, patients can find new ease of lifestyle.

Listen in to learn:

  • The latest products coming on the market
  • How pumps function and their limitations
  • How algorithms assist with Diabetes treatment

Ali Dianaty, the vice president of product innovation for the Diabetes Business at Medtronic, shares his work developing products to ease the burden placed on diabetes patients.

In recent history, patients who have Diabetes were limited to very scarce, expensive, and painful treatment techniques. However, by innovating using machine learning, pumps, and similar therapeutic methods, the lifestyle surrounding Diabetes has changed and simplified treatment for many.

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With data storage and algorithms working with smartphone apps, devices may even remember meals one has consumed in the past and automatically adjust treatment.

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This will allow patients to build a database of normal behavior, tailoring treatment specifically to their lifestyle.

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