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Whether you notice or not, the world is still picking up the pieces from the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it began more than four years ago, many questions remain unanswered. Where did it come from? Is there evidence of genetic manipulation within the virus’s molecules?

Dr. Jonathan R. Latham, a distinguished virologist and biopolitical theorist, joins us to shed light on this complex topic…

Dr. Latham is the Executive Director of the Bioscience Resource Project and the Editor of Independent Science News. He has also published scientific papers in virology, ecology, genetics, and molecular biology. He is currently working on a book provisionally titled The Myth of The Master Molecule: DNA and the Social Order.

Dive in now to explore:

  • Dr. Latham’s first encounter with COVID-19.
  • What scientists have established about the origins of COVID-19.
  • The major red flags of a lab outbreak.
  • How the media is treating the evidence associated with the lab leak theory.

Why are governments and media outlets turning a blind eye to this issue? What could this mean for the future of public health outbreaks? Tune in now to unearth these answers…

To learn more about Dr. Latham and his investigations, click here!

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