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Today we connect with Michael Selden, the CEO and Co-founder of Finless Foods. Finless Foods is a company that works towards building a future for seafood where the ocean is preserved and protected.

With a background in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Michael has dedicated his life to climate justice and science advocacy, and Finless Foods is a major part of this mission…

Seafood production is facing a variety of challenges, from dwindling resources to climate damage. Finless Foods aims to mitigate these issues by producing plant-based and cell-cultured seafood – all using scientific methods.

In this episode, Michael outlines:

  • The process involved in producing cell-cultured seafood.
  • How fish farming experts contribute to creating well-rounded products.
  • The most important cuts of fish to provide consumers with.
  • How overfishing is affecting the oceanic ecosystem.

Could this approach relieve the pressure from ocean-harvested seafood? Is this the future of seafood production? Determine this for yourself by tuning in now!

Visit now to learn more about Finless Foods and their unique vision!

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