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FOR WOMEN WHO DO IT ALL We know you have about a million things to do. And every day means a different list of places to go, items to check off, and people to see. We also know the last thing you need is one more thing to worry about. Leota was created to free you from those endless minutes spent staring at your wardrobe and instead give you a closet full of perfect. We’ve got you covered. Leota makes the most comfortable, versatile, wear-everywhere fashion on the market for women who do it all.

Our wrinkle-free, washable, vibrant and comfortable apparel has landed the brand in Oprah, Bravo, and People. Known for its empowering authenticity, size-inclusivity, and ethical manufacturing, this woman-owned and operated brand is game-changing in fashion and has the cult following to prove it. Leota is available at fine boutiques globally and online at

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