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Former editor of PC Magazine and former Editor in Chief of FamilyPC, veteran tech journalist, Robin Raskin, joins us to offer her expertise on raising kids in a digital time. Good or bad, computers and phones in all forms are having a huge impact on the youth of today. Infants to children are exposed every day to different forms technology and information from Google research, Facebook, YouTube and artificial intelligence platforms just to call out a few.

Kids are now able to become creators, programmers, artists, you name it. Basic computer and tech skills are almost a prerequisite now for any child entering school, let alone the expectations for those leaving high school and college.

In this discussion, Raskin explains it is important that our youth understand and can adequately use all of these platforms. As the old saying goes, “With great power, comes great responsibility”. The same couldn’t be more true when it comes to accessing and implementing the knowledge gained from technology.

Currently Raskin is involved in the Consumer Electronics Show (CSE) where she is focused on exploring technology for the entire family. She examines the benefits and challenges with regards to Smarthomes and the IoT. She looks at issues ranging from whether we should be tracking our children electronically to looking at major toy companies joining the field of AI and what that means for your children’s experiences.

This in-depth discussion with Raskin is a great reminder for all of us, to take another look at the benefits and potential negative aspects to technology in our homes and where we are headed in the future.


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