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Self-described Genomics Ninja Jedi, Ardy Arianpour, is now CEO & Co-Founder at Seqster, a consumer driven healthcare technology platform. They are using AI to allow people to aggregate their electronic health, genomics and fitness records so they and family members can view it and use the information as needed. In this interview, Arianpour discusses why this advancement is so important to the healthcare industry and how it is being used.

We’ve all been there. You are desperately scrambling to track down and consolidate your very own medical records. You’re spending countless hours online and on the phone, only to end up at a dead-end or with any luck, a mess of information. Seqster’s ground-breaking platform aims to solve this problem. The platform allows consumers to access and gather their medical and fitness data all in one place, creating a multi-generational health record.

In addition to your family having access to your health records and progress during your lifetime, your doctor can also easily access the most accurate and current information – ensuring the most appropriate and timely care is being administered. Much like having all of your financial information in one place, Seqster believes having better and more health data in one spot, ultimately leads to a better overall healthcare experience.

Join us for a fascinating discussion, as Arianpour details how Seqster is changing the world of healthcare as we know it.


Ardy Arianpour is CEO & Co-Founder of Seqster, the first consumer driven healthcare technology platform that utilizes A.I. to enable individuals to aggregate their EHR, genomics and fitness data in one place and share with their family creating a multi-generational health record.

Ardy is a visionary genomics executive and serial entrepreneur in the biotech industry. Prior to starting Seqster, Ardy launched several clinical and consumer-based genetic tests as CCO of Pathway Genomics, and SVP of Ambry Genetics that sold to Konica for $1B in 2017. He is one of the main architects in launching the first commercial clinical exome sequencing test in 2011, establishing the value of next-gen sequencing in the clinic.

As a key player in the 2013 landmark SCOTUS decision scrapping gene patents, Ardy played an instrumental role in expanding genetic testing access with the launch of BRCA testing benefiting patients and family members across the country.

Ardy received his BS in Biological Sciences from UC Irvine and an MBA from Marshall Goldsmith School of Management.

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