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She’s an entrepreneur, an angel investor, the author of The Patient as CEO, and has held over 100 talks in over 12 countries: Robin Farmanfarmaian joins us to discuss the role of technology in medicine and the active role that patients must play in their health care in order to live better lives. Just as a CEO hires and directs a variety of experts in order to reach a certain goal, so too the patient must hire the members of their healthcare team and assume the responsibility of having their vision of personal health care carried out.

“It’s a mindset shift; understand that you are the one in control, you are the decision maker, and the physician is not; the physician works for you, just like everyone else on the healthcare team…but they are not in control of you,” says Farmanfarmaian.

Among other topics, Farmanfarmaian discusses the role of AI in radiology, pathology, and genomics, as well as the promising and increasingly prevalent role of virtual reality in the treatment of stroke and brain injuries, phantom pain, PTSD, anxiety and pain management. To learn more about Farmanfarmaian’s background and upcoming talks, visit


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