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Fluid-Screen is a powerful startup with a focus on benefiting the world by creating a product that produces faster, less costly and more accurate lab testing results in the palm of your hand.

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Dr. Monika Weber, CEO and founder of Fluid-Screen, recognized the fact that every year millions of people around the world are become sick or die from outbreaks caused from bacteria contamination found in water and food. Traditional methods for bacteria cultivation and testing takes day which can lead to further illness, disease, and death. Fluid-Screen has developed the technology that cuts down the time it would take to test bacteria with traditional methods, to just 30 mins.

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This allows us to make informed decisions about our health in a timely matter.

Fluid-Screen has replaced petri-dish testing with a microchip. The palm-size device takes a sample of water, blood, urine or other fluids and runs it through the machine.

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The device then uses radio frequency waves, instead of chemicals, to make the bacteria “dance”, so to speak, to make each easily identified based on movement, reaction, etc. The device then relays test results to a smartphone allowing the user to receive the information right there in the field. By bypassing labs, this technology is cost-effective which will also enable underdeveloped countries who can’t afford traditional lab testing.

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