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In this podcast, Dr. Paul Anderson of Anderson Medical Group discusses cancer treatment and the changing views toward integrative therapies.

Dr. Anderson is an experienced naturopathic medical doctor who has devoted his life to helping patients via integrative therapies. As the founder of Anderson Medical Group, Dr. Anderson works with patients to help them on their journey to fight cancer and stay in remission.


Dr. Anderson discusses the many options for cancer patients, in addition to the standard options of chemo, radiation, and surgery. He explains how diet, nutrition, clean eating, intermittent fasting, herbal extracts, intravenous therapies with natural substances, and exercise can all be considered as part of a comprehensive solution to help patients find their way back to good health.


The naturopathic MD explains the approach they take with their patients. Dr. Anderson talks about the restrictive policies of the past in regard to how the oncology community was once quite unaccepting of different approaches to cancer treatment. Today, however, and fortunately for patients, oncology doctors are seeing the vast array of benefits that alternative type therapies can offer to their patients.


Dr. Anderson talks about ways to help patients stay in remission, outlining the importance of diet, discussing other therapies, explaining why toxins need to be strictly avoided, and how cells are impacted.


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