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In this episode, we discuss the cotton manufacturing process with Graham Stewart, the founder and EVP of FIBRE52. Graham has been in the cotton industry for more than 40 years. Drawing from his distinct background, he is on a mission to facilitate a sustainable solution for processing cotton fibers – all by removing the use of hazardous, caustic chemicals…

Harmful chemicals are frequently used during the processing of cotton. How are Graham and his team at FIBRE52 creating new and innovative solutions to this problem? What could the environmental benefits be? Join the conversation now to learn more about this cutting-edge topic!

Join us now to explore:

  • How cotton is grown, harvested, turned into various products.
  • Why water is such an integral part of the cotton industry.
  • Why heavy alkali is used to produce cotton, and why it can be harmful.

To learn more about Graham and his work with FIBRE52, click here now!

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