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Nutrition is a relatively new science. With this comes the revolving concept of what defines “good” nutrition, and what defines “bad” nutrition. As nutritional science evolves, many experts are finding new and innovative ways to nourish our bodies with holistic and well-balanced diets.

Vesanto Melina, MS is a registered dietitian, consultant, and speaker.

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Along with this, she is the author of Kick Diabetes, Becoming Vegan, and many other nutrition-based publications. Her long history with nutritional health has informed her refined relationship with vegetarian, vegan, and raw food diets. Vesanto Melina uses her research to help individuals fine-tune their plant-based diets and lead healthy nutritional lives. 

Listen now to hear Vesanto Melina discuss:

  • How nutrition has changed over the years. 
  • How making healthy lifestyle changes can influence your overall wellness. 
  • Why plant-based diets are naturally low in fat. 
  • Common mistakes that people make with vegetarian and vegan diets.

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Can switching to a plant-based diet mitigate major health problems?

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See for yourself by tuning in now!

To find more information about Vesanto Melina, you can visit her website at

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