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Second, to the air conditioner, swimming pool pumps are the second largest consumer of electricity in the home and are overused when issues with water chemistry require pools to be emptied and refilled. In addition, dirtier water requires more energy, so money can actually be saved by keeping pool water clean and chemically balanced, to begin with. A pool owner must consistently and carefully measure five water parameters: nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, pH, and alkalinity.

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However, it can be difficult and expensive to monitor and correct issues once they arise, leading to a lot of chemicals, water, and energy waste.

Now there’s an easier and more sustainable option offered by My Sutro: a small, floatable sensor that’s connected to the cloud on a 24/7 basis in order to monitor all five parameters, identify imbalances and send alerts when there’s something off with the water. If there’s a deficiency in one or more chemicals, My Sutro will deliver them to your doorstep. Ravi Kurani is the CEO of My Sutro and explains a variety of potential use cases for this product, including those that deal with drinking water, groundwater, and agriculture.

My Sutro has a handful of devices currently deployed across the U.

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S. for testing, and are planning a big launch just in time for the 2019 swimming season. Stay up to date on the latest and purchase your own sensor by visiting

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