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Since the first car sensor was created in 1968, vehicles have become exponentially more electronic and software-driven.

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In fact, some even have hundreds of sensors generating gigabits of data each day.

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In their vision of building a marketplace for connected car services and the monetization of cars, the team at Tantalum is taking advantage of all this data.

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For example, the ability to collect data about the way people drive (whether they’re speeding, obeying the traffic rules, etc.) will have a big impact on their risk profile, which in turn could lower their insurance premium rates.

Another use case is voice recognition for parking experiences, whereby saying the demand, “Park my car” uses location-based data and payment information already embedded in the app to create a seamless and simple experience all around. Other use cases include roadside assistance, improved fuel experiences, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and an automated 911 feature.

Tune in to hear Ozgur Tohumcu, the CEO of Tantalum, discuss all of these exciting use cases and more, and visit

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