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What can be learned about all cancer by studying rare cancer? Since they make up a large portion of total cancers when combined, valuable insight can be gained.

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Press play to learn:

  • Why rare cancers have a worse prognosis
  • How driver mutations affect cancer
  • How researchers determine which mutations to treat

Holly Barker, Ph.D., a Stafford Fox Centenary Fellow of Rare Cancer Biology and Genomics, stops by to share her work researching rare forms of cancer.

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While rare cancers only make up around one-fifth of all diagnosed cancer cases, they account for around one-third of cancer deaths.

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Moreover, due to misdiagnosis or lack of appropriate treatment, they tend to be much more dangerous than other forms.

Treating specific mutations within the cancer genome can be more targeted and, therefore, more effective. In addition, when sequencing the genome, insights on precisely how to treat specific cancer a patient suffers from can be pinpointed.

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