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How does adrenaline leftover in the body affect more than just the fight or flight response? Excess adrenaline may actually be the root cause of many ailments suffered daily by many people.

Press pleat to learn:

  • How cortisol and adrenaline interact
  • Why adrenaline peaks at 2:30 am
  • How progesterone can benefit wellness

Dr. Michael E. Platt, the Author of Adrenaline Dominance, shares his research into the problems caused by the body holding excess adrenaline.

From weight gain to the common headache, adrenaline may be the underlying cause not previously considered. By considering adrenaline as equally powerful as other hormones in daily life, adrenaline can be used to tweak the body’s chemistry to live a more comfortable lifestyle.

Since adrenaline may be the only cause of anxiety, controlling its levels within the body may be a boon to mental health.

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The key to living a happy and healthy life, in general, may be limiting adrenaline and maintaining an even level from day to day.

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