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Dr. Arwen Podesta is a board-certified psychiatrist practicing in New Orleans. Her practice includes adult psychiatry, addiction medicine, forensic psychiatry, and integrative and holistic medicine. She collaborates with patients to help them decrease anxiety, improve mood and sleep, and move from misery to wellness with dignity.

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Dr. Podesta is a renowned speaker who lectures at conferences on the topics of mental health, addiction medicine, and integrative psychiatry.

Click on play to learn:

  • How integrative mental health therapies treat mental health issues.
  • How genetics may play a role in addiction and anxiety.
  • What new therapies are in the pipeline for treating anxiety and addiction.

When treating drug addiction, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues, Dr. Podesta and her staff at Podesta Wellness use multiple tools, treatments, and methods that are specific to the needs of each patient. She begins with a clinical interview with a patient to identify a root cause of mental health problems such as toxin exposure, use of antibiotics, and other factors and uses this information to develop a plan for addiction treatment, anxiety management, or depression therapy.

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With extensive experience in the integrative and functional medical fields, Dr. Podesta has successfully treated patients using traditional therapies and alternative therapies such as botanicals, supplements, and medical devices to treat anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

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Evidence-based therapies may include medications, nutritional supplements, psychotherapies, and behavior modification.

The future holds promise for new treatments for mental health issues. The National Institutes of Health is researching immunotherapy as a treatment for addiction to opioids. Wearable devices and digital therapeutics may help with cognitive behavior therapies. Coordinated care platforms provide much needed follow-up care for patients receiving treatment for mental illness.

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