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MuleChain provides a peer-to-peer (P2P) network for user-side consumers who need to send or retrieve freight and document and the provider-side travelers or transporters called “mules”, independent workers who will ship, move and transport these freight goods and physical belongings or documents for the senders and retrievers by using either their own vehicles or any other forms of public transportation.

The intended service coverage is very broad and diverse. It may include services from large professional aircraft, ship and truck freight transport companies, cross-continent or cross country moving companies and shipping companies, down to local city messengers, bicycle couriers, chores runners to food delivery etc.

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It could be a personal carrier of jewelry, medicine, electronic goods to bypass traditional custom and duties or even name brand mobile phones for people to arbitrage the price differences in different countries as an example.

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Mule Chain plans to continue to use the blockchain smart contract applications to secure KYC/AML identity and reputation management to ensure the strict legitimacy of our operations.

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