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Our planet provides everything for us, and it’s our job to ensure that it is appropriately taken care of.

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By coming together and creating technology that supports this effort, we will be able to enjoy the resources Earth provides for generations to come.

Manik Suri is the Founder and CEO of Therma, a technology startup with a mission to help preserve our planet, food, and health. Therma fulfills this vision by building “safety and sustainability tools to eliminate food waste, improve energy efficiency, and reduce refrigerant emissions.”

Protecting consumers and battling climate change is Manik’s calling – and in this episode, we explore all he is doing to accomplish this goal…

Click play to learn about:

  • Why refrigeration is a critical area of infrastructure that is often overlooked, and how Therma is making it more intelligent.
  • How wireless sensors are making refrigeration more efficient.
  • The importance of refining refrigeration technology, and how it impacts food and energy sustainability.
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Thanks to organizations like Therma, we are taking steps towards more sustainable refrigeration practices.

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Join the conversation now to hear how this impacts the future of our environment!

You can find out more about Manik by visiting his website at!

Episode also available on Apple Podcast:

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