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In this episode, we sit down with two expert agriculturalists: Jim Kamas and Jacy L. Lewis. Both Jim and Jacy reside in Texas, where they lend their horticultural insight to Texas A&M University and various other education programs.

Jim is an Assistant Professor and Extension Fruit Specialist in the Department of Horticultural Sciences, and is stationed in Fredericksburg, TX. He works as a farm advisor to fruit growers across Texas and devotes his time to understanding the needs of both commercial and home fruit producers.

Jacy is the Program Manager in the Viticulture and Sustainable Fruit Lab at Texas A&M and is also stationed in Fredericksburg. She serves the Texas wine industry with her involvement in a number of sustainable research projects for wine grapes and perennial fruit crops. 

Tune in now to hear Jim and Jacy discuss:

  • What Jacy’s lab is doing to control diseases in wine grapes.
  • How long it typically takes for wine grapes to come to full maturity.
  • Why sustainability is so important in perennial cropping systems. 

The science behind wine grape production is fascinating. Want to learn about this subject for yourself? Jump into the conversation now to gain a better understanding of viticulture, and how it informs grape production!

Click here to find out more about Jim and Jacy’s work with Texas A&M’s Department of Horticulture!

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