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From a tiny, rented house in Copán Ruinas, Honduras, Emily Monroe began to implement her dream of providing daycare, child protection, and education to at-risk children. With few resources, much hope, many ideas, and the help of friends, the dream of helping children stay with their families has become reality. Casita Copán, a community-based organization in Copán, Honduras provides economic opportunities and social assistance to single mothers and their children.

Click on play to learn:

  • Why children are at risk of abandonment in Copán Ruinas, Honduras.
  • How family style homes provide temporary foster care at Casita Copá
  • What assistance is available through the Mercadito program to help women start a business.

There are few opportunities to find employment for single mothers in small rural towns in Honduras to earn enough money to support their children.

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Emily Moore saw a need for gainful employment when she visited Honduras more than 10 years ago and began to think about what she could do to change the fact that too many single-parent families in Honduras live in poverty with limited opportunities.

The reality of these small rural towns is that single mothers are raising their children while working long hours in low-paying jobs.

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Children considered at risk can be sent to institutions far away from their communities because few resources exist within the community. Casita Copán fills the need for a day care center for children that provides education, nutrition, and health services to young children.

There are few opportunities for youth in Honduras to obtain an education. Through Casita Copán, local youth have an opportunity to participate in educational programming, workshops, trainings, and even internships in the community to obtain work experience. Students may earn a scholarship to attend high school and continue their education.

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Twitter: @CasitaCopan

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