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1QBit is a company that’s at the forefront of the development of quantum technologies. By connecting common industry problems with quantum algorithms and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of experimental prototypes that use quantum computing, the team at 1QBit is helping their clients to stay current on and achieve the many benefits of quantum computing.

“We understand the industry problems really well in different sectors…

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in oil and gas, in pharmaceutical science, material science, and auto making, and try to understand which of the problems that these industries ares struggling to solve today are relevant to the devices that we are studying,” says Pooya Ronagh, an applied mathematics research lead at 1QBit.

Ronagh offers a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics, one of which is quantum chemistry: a near-term application of quantum computing that could significantly benefit industries by optimizing a variety of chemical reactions integral to production, especially in pharmaceutics.

Ronagh also discusses disruptive algorithms, the benefits of ion traps and how quantum computing can help us achieve better intelligence in AI and machine learning algorithms.

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Tune in to learn more, and visit for the latest developments.

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