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There is always a new wave or a next frontier in technology. You may have noticed lately there has been a lot of chatter (pun intended) about chatbots. In some form or fashion Chatbots have been around for a while now.

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The latest buzz has been about the marriage of chatbot technology with artificial intelligence, which is expected to drastically change a number of industries, including banking.

Dror Oren, Co-Founder and CPO at Kasisto, along with his team, have tasked themselves with providing banks and other financial institutions with a way to create virtual systems that will ultimately improve the customer service experience through intelligent conversation.

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Born of an SRI spin-off, Kasisto comes from a family of tech all-stars, including one of the original mobile virtual personal assistants, Siri. KAI, Kasisto’s own banking conversational platform, is using AI to allow a deeper interactive relationship between user and the banking system. The KAI-powered bots have deep banking and financial knowledge, know a multitude of key phrases and can interact in some fashion, as natural as a personal banker would.

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KAI is providing users the experience to perform complex tasks on mobile and IoT devices, mobile apps and messaging platforms in a much quicker, more accurate and safe manner anytime, anywhere.

In this intriguing interview, Dror Oren takes us through the history of chatbots, the technology we have now and where the AI infusion may take us.

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