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Ben Atkinson, of the Functional Health podcast (, is a nutritionist and health enthusiast. In this informative podcast, Ben talks about holistic wellness, functional medicine, and overall holistic health

Ben’s podcast, and site, is a complete resource guide for all kinds of important information regarding professional recognition, health events, training, and more—happening across the country—for clinicians in the field, as well as trainees and the public.

Ben discusses his background and how he came to be interested in nutrition. As an overweight child, Ben became interested in body building at the age of 16, and this interest led him to learn about high protein diets—low in carbs and low in fat. When he saw fast results he became excited about this power of nutrition and decided to make it a part of his ongoing work.

But over time he added in carbs and fats to increase energy, which provided clarity of mind. Taking from everything he learned, he began to see that nutrition was the key to not only how you look and feel, but also to prevent illness and restore health. 

Ben discusses his intensive studies, and what he learned while gaining his master’s. He discusses various modalities and the separations in the medical field, which he states need to come together and be more synchronized in order to best deliver options for good health practices.

Ben discusses genes and how they contribute to various health outcomes, and he talks about the different people/cultures around the world and the diets that they exist upon. He discusses allergens, and how to eliminate them, and the various ways we can fine tune our bodies. Continuing, Ben talks about DNA testing, and other methods people can use to learn more about their bodies, markers, and health information.

In this podcast:

  • What can we learn from DNA testing?
  • The power of nutrition and good foods for the body
  • How genetics play a role in health


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