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Matty Lansdown, noted health authority, scientist and nutrition consultant, discusses his passion for helping people improve their health through good nutrition.

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Lansdown is passionate about food and nutrition. After getting his start on Facebook Live where Lansdown delivered powerful rants about food, medicine, and nutrition, his popularity grew and he soon moved into seminars, conferences, and retreats, bringing his message to thousands at a time. Lansdown’s podcast, “How To NOT Get Sick And Die” continues to be a popular one, and he regularly provides insightful information there.

Lansdown discusses his background and how he got into podcasting. As he explains, it was his desire to connect with audiences that brought him to podcasting, and his passion for health and nutrition helped him focus his energies into health podcasting. He’s into the concept of helping people enhance their biology, in order to live longer and be healthier. As a professional who works out of a cancer research hospital, he developed his own thoughts and epiphanies about disease and medical issues.

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As he explains, much of the work in health research is expensive and being done by high-dollar groups that have a stake in big profits, but hawking the preventive measures such as nutrition, eating cabbage, etc. he muses, is not exactly profitable, therefore there isn’t a big corporate interest in promoting the most basic path to better health—which is nutrition.

Lansdown talks about the so-called ‘alternative’ medicines and practices that are unfortunately often overlooked, but have been useful for thousands of years in many cultures, much longer than western medicine. Lansdown discusses some of the problems people experience, and the importance of nutrition, especially when a body is already under stress from an ongoing medical condition.

Lansdown’s mission: to bring people control of their own health, to empower them to take the needed action to make improvements.

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To this goal, Lansdown empowers individuals to live their absolute best lives by delivering impactful scientific training.

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