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What makes palmoplantar pustulosis symptoms so difficult to treat? Based on its unique makeup, relief can be challenging to find. Listen up to learn:

  • What makes neutrophils so crucial
  • The off-target affects new treatments
  • The next stage of developing treatment

James Mackay, the CEO of Aristea Therapeutics, shares his work researching inflammatory skin conditions and finding a solution to palmoplantar pustulosis (PPP).

Palmoplantar pustulosis is an immensely painful and debilitating inflammatory skin condition. Unfortunately, it has been discovered to be quite challenging to treat, and symptoms are challenging to quell for patients to find relief.

While it has been previously seemingly untreatable in many situations, a vital discovery of the importance of neutrophils has allowed the development of new solutions. With additional research and development in tandem with big pharma, a solution may loom on the horizon.

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