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Are medical lasers more valuable than many of us currently think?

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They may be part of the medical future with uses far beyond tattoo removal.

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Listen up to learn:

  • How a laser can remove a tattoo
  • Differences in tattoo removal in different demographics
  • The importance of the wavelength in tattoo removal

Dr. Thomas Barrows, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at World Back to Work, shares his work with medical lasers across their many uses.

Lasers have become a mainstay in many medical applications, but tattoo removal may be one of the most beneficial uses. While it is not an immediate fix, they may make a once permanent decision much less untouchable.

However, lasers interact very differently with different skin types, colors, ages, and tattoo colors. Still, with more research and development, advancements in laser technology can make the entirety of the process more effective and efficient.

Contact your local laser procedure clinic for more information and resources.

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