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Medtech Impact on Wellness

As hemp products become less taboo and increasingly popular, researchers and businesses are able to create a diverse range of exciting products for the average consumer.

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One of the fastest-growing hemp products today is CBD, due to its medicinal properties and the accessibility many people now have to it.

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On the front lines of CBD marketing is Matthew Colan.

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Matthew Colan is the co-founder of a company called SOTA CBD. After suffering a lower back injury in a car accident, Colan used CBD to treat his pain, compelling him to extensively research its many benefits. As a result of this deep investigation of hemp products, Colan eventually decided to start a company in order to educate people, and bring CBD to the individuals who need it.

Tune in to hear Matthew Colan explore subjects like:

  • The components of CBD that alleviate pain and combat inflammation.
  • How CBD interacts with human skin conditions.
  • The role of CBD in sleep and relaxation.

Educate yourself with one of the brightest minds in CBD production today with this informative episode addressing the many benefits of the hemp plant!

You can find out more about Matthew Colan here, and his company SOTA CBD here.

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