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Psychedelics are commonly thought of as substances that are purely used for recreation, but researchers are continuing to find that there is much more to them than just that.

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Given the effect that pychoplastis have on the human neurological system, many professionals have found that they can be used for medical applications as well.

Dr. David Olson is an Associate Professor at the UC Davis Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine here to talk about “psychedelics without tripping”. As a chemical neuroscientist, Dr. Olson focuses his research on medicines designed to treat a vast array of brain disorders. Dr. Olson has found that certain psychedelic compounds have been shown to promote neurological growth, and he is determined to uncover their mechanisms of action in order to treat symptoms with as much efficacy as possible.

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This episode highlights:

  • How removing the hallucinogenic aspects of psychedelics makes them more accessible to individuals in a medical setting.
  • Which psychoactive compounds are being researched for use in treating substance abuse disorders.
  • What role molecular biology plays in psychedelic research.
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Join this fascinating discussion about the effects psychoplastogens have on anxiety disorders, depression, and many other neurological issues.

You can find out more about Dr. Olson and his work at and

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