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Plastic is a product that is in the vast majority of manufactured products.

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The trouble is, plastic is a substance that takes many years to decompose, resulting in a drastic buildup of products that have the potential to harm plants and animals.

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Joining us today is husband and wife team Steve and Deonie Allen to discuss atmospheric microplastics, and their impact on the environment. Both Steve and Deonie have traveled the world researching how plastics impact both our planet and its inhabitants.

Listen now to discover:

  • How microplastics travel to remote locations via the wind.
  • What products contribute to the world’s plastic problem.

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  • What role waste management systems play in microplastic pollution.
  • How to identify microplastics in daily life. 

What does the future hold for a planet littered with microplastic? Find out now from the research duo leading the charge on this issue!

To find out more about Steve and Deonie Allen and their investigations, visit their website at

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