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Dr. Abramson is a dentist who specializes in sleep apnea and created a specific oral appliance called the Oasys.

In this discussion, he explains

  • the health risks associated with sleep apnea,
  • the differences between success rates for CPAP machines and oral appliances, and
  • the three zones oral appliances need to manage and why that makes a difference with sleep apnea.

As someone who has researched and applied various techniques to treat sleep apnea through dentistry, Dr.

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Mark Abramson is able to discuss the process and benefits of oral appliances with effective clarity.

In this conversation he explains first why it is important to seek solutions to sleep apnea, from general health issues to a correlation between lack of deep sleeping and dementia.

He then describes the blocking that causes apnea and the mechanics for different treatment approaches. He highlights the success rate of oral appliances for several reasons, including the rates at which people stop using or won’t even try CPAP machines because of the discomfort and difficulty of wearing the device.

He then articulates the approach through dentistry in more detail, describing how oral appliances bring the jaw forward and can also treat other areas that may need addressing such as nasal dilation and small pads that reposition the tongue. His Oasys system is able to mechanically treat all three issues with one device.

Finally, he answers additional questions about oral appliances and dentistry such as effects on TMJ, the efficacy of over-the-counter products, and more.

For more information, see his practice website: Dr.

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Mark Abramson DDS in Redwood City, CA, at

You can learn more about the Oasys device at Dream Systems Dental Lab in Rosewood, CA: and at

Dr. Abramsons’ office can also help locate dentists in your area that offer oral appliance treatment.

Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:

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