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What purpose do psychedelics serve in the human experience? How can substances like psilocybin shape consciousness as we know it? Jahan Khamsehzadeh, Ph.D. joins the podcast today to offer his distinct insight on this fascinating subject…

Jahan Khamsehzadeh is the author of The Psilocybin Connection: Psychedelics, the Transformation of Consciousness, and Evolution on the Planet – An Integral Approach, a book that serves as a comprehensive guide to psilocybin mushrooms and their impact on our psychology, biology, and social development.

Jahan has been deeply involved in the realm of psychedelics for years, and using his knowledge in Consciousness, Transformative Studies, Psychology, and more, he has contributed much to the field of psychedelic therapy…

Jump in now to learn about:

  • What psilocybin therapies can heal.
  • How psychedelics can develop a deeper spiritual connection.
  • Ways to feel safe while experiencing a psychedelic trip. 
  • Psychedelic healing experiences that Jahan has been a part of. 
  • How consciousness folds into psychedelics.

Want to find out more about Jahan and his work? Visit now!

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