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In today’s episode, Dr. Stasha Gominak discusses the gut microbiome, the benefits of vitamin D in terms of the microbiome, the importance of B vitamins, and how the microbiome affects sleep in general. As a neurologist with restless leg syndrome, Dr. Gominak has interesting insight on what it feels like to experience involuntary movements that interrupt sleep, and how vitamins influence sleep in general.

She discusses the importance of the four main species that live in the human GI tract, and how they are affected by insufficient levels of vitamin D. She also explains why she considers the microbiome to be its own organ, and how to restore it once it’s been damaged or depleted. Dr. Gominak is a wealth of knowledge on these topics. Tune in for the details on all of this and more, including:

  • Whether or not B vitamins are coming from the microbiome
  • What is at play in the development of autoimmune diseases
  • Why B100 and Vitamin D may help to resolve ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease
  • Why Dr. Gominak believes probiotics are a complete waste of time
  • How vitamin D affects the thyroid

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