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In this podcast, Dr. Jose Colon explains

  • The different types of sleep interferences we may face.
  • The efficacy of home-sleep studies versus sleep facility studies.
  • Short and long-term sleep health benefits like significant concentration improvement.
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Triple board-certified author Dr. Jose Colon brings his expertise to this podcast by addressing many common questions about the current state of sleep science. He describes different types of sleep disorders treatment from C-Pap machines to oral devices and when one may be more beneficial than another.

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Dr. Colon practices full time sleep medicine for adults and children, incorporating a holistic outlook that includes mindfulness and science-driven approaches. In an effort to bring his ideas together, he wrote Sleep Diet: A Novel Approach to Insomnia for adults and The Magic Ice Cream Palace for kids, both of which are more creative approaches to the issue rather than to-do lists. He explains some of the most common sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea and insomnia to less common but equally harmful disorders that disturb our sleep health benefits.

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He then weighs the plus and minus for different sleep disorders treatments and even describes his own experience with an oral appliance to improve sleep quality. Dr. Colon also points to upcoming advances in improving sleep health benefits such as comfort level improvements of C-Pap machines and an implant in the works. 

For any next steps, he recommends reaching out to your primary care physician but also a search for a locally accredited sleep center.


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