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When the rate of trade on a financial exchange increases 25-fold, and technology in its current form cannot handle the pace, cracks in the foundation are to be expected.

It’s seems to be pure chaos in crypto, as this is what has just happened: in January 2017, 0M a day was being traded; by July 2017, it was B a day – a 25x increase.

This explosion is just one reason Omega One Chief Technology Officer Alex Gordon Brander believes this is a pivotal juncture in crypto. And yet, none of it seems to be a surprise to him, even as ether plunged from a price of $317 per unit to $0.10 a unit in less than a second.

Brander also discusses how Omega One is developing stable enough preventative measures to keep this from happening again – at least to this extent.

The methods that a traditional FX could have employed to absorb such a flurry and panic might not work on a crypto exchange – yet could such methods be adapted to work?

That’s Omega One’s challenge.

After listening to Alex Gordon Brander, you don’t doubt their ability to meet the challenge. You’d also be forgiven for expecting (not hoping) that Omega One’s innovations are the home run crypto’s been looking for.

Brander also discusses:

  • How, in this most recent sell-off chaos, someone banked $1M in ether but paid no more than a few hundred dollars
  • 3 innovations from Omega One that could help adequately deal with a similar meltdown in the future
  • Omega One’s impending token launch (by the end of the summer) and how it will not only impact Omega One itself but crypto market itself
  • An impending surprise announcement!

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