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“The strategy of NextBlock is to give our investors exposure to this ecosystem that we believe is the next version of the internet,” says Charles Morris, speaking as the Chief Investment Officer and Co-founder of NextBlock Global. The ecosystem that Morris refers to is that of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, and the next version of the internet, he says, is the “internet of value.” NextBlock Global not only invests in current cryptocurrencies, but also in new teams and projects, both pre and post-ICO.

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With particularly strong global connections at their disposal, NextBlock Global is well-positioned at the forefront of global expansion and the development of regional blockchains. Morris sees three potential futures for blockchain platforms, and by planning for each, NextBlock Global is already ahead of the game. Tune in to hear the details, as well as Morris’ insight on a variety of related topics.

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Morris discusses:

  • The ways in which the accessibility of cryptocurrency-based investment opportunities can be increased for the ordinary investor
  • The potential (if not imminent) convergence between the “blockchain world” and the real world
  • His thoughts on public awareness of Bitcoin, Ethereum and blockchain technology, including what he believes will represent a turning point in the industry

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