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Bugworks Research, Inc., is a company focused on producing a next generation antibiotic in light of antibiotic resistance.

Dr. Datta details surrounding issues, including

  • Why there have been no new antibiotics introduced in the last 50 years,
  • How this new broad spectrum antibiotic is designed to evade antibiotic resistance, and 
  • Which bacteria in particular it targets and under what circumstances.

Dr. Santanu Datta is the CSO of Bugworks, Inc., and has been working in the field of infectious disease for decades. He begins telling listeners about the background of antibiotic development, highlighting the difference it has made.

He explains why it has been difficult to develop new antibiotics from both a market and scientific perspective. He also explains the mechanisms of antibiotic and bacteria interaction, from the parts the antibiotics have traditionally targeted to the types of adaptations and evolutions bacteria are able to make to impede antibiotics, resulting in antibiotic resistance.

He then talks about his company’s work to make a new broad spectrum antibiotic that targets the most dangerous bacteria hospitals face in one antibiotic, from E. coli to Staphylococcus aureus to other common bacteria in hospital patients. Therefore, doctors may use this in an IV form when they don’t have time to wait for test results because of the health risks to the patient.

Dr. Datta explains that his new generation antibiotic targets two parts of the bacteria at once, limiting its ability to escape unharmed. One of the targets includes the enzyme bacteria require for replication. He also explains their approval process as they head towards phase 1 and adds that they are funded by Carb-x.

For more, see the company’s web site at

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