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Paul Turner & Robert McBride, co-founders of Felix Biotechnology (, discuss the growing problem of antibiotic resistance and the new therapies on the horizon.

In this podcast they’ll discuss:

  • The ways in which targeted biotherapeutics could change modern medicine
  • What regulatory hurdles do biotech companies face as they march to the marketplace?
  • Just how bad is the antibiotic resistance problem globally?

Turner & McBride’s biotech company, Felix Biotechnology, is heavily focused on progressing the deployment of novel biotherapeutics that can target urgent microbial challenges within human health, and much more.

Turner & McBride discuss the greatest challenges they face in the biomedical field, including the widespread failure of traditional antibiotics. They discuss some of the older technologies they are in the process of updating, such as developing viruses that specifically kill bacteria. Turner & McBride believe that this option will give the medical community greater control as they seek to combat the antibiotic resistance problem. 

The biotechnology researchers and entrepreneurs discuss antibiotic sensitivity, and the use of their solutions in therapy. They discuss some of the more troubling bacterial pathogens, discussing cells and proteins. Continuing, the Felix co-founders provide detailed information on bacteriophages or phages as they are called informally, which are the most abundant organisms within the biosphere, a common feature of prokaryotic existence.

Turner & McBride explain the regulatory hurdles that they and other biotech researchers and developers face, and how they can move forward. As they state, clinical trials data is going to be key to getting their phages further developed and released into the medical/healthcare industry. Expanding the discussion, they provide info on the cocktail approach in treatment and therapy. 

As many research and development biotechnology companies fail, Felix Biotechnology seeks to find a way to be financially solvent so they can bring their therapy concepts to the market.

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