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Netki was launched by Justin and Dawn Newton, and allows users to create bitcoin wallets with “normal” names and e-mail addresses, just like DNS allows IP addresses to be written as plain english website names (ex: supports 3 cryptocurrencies and is planning to expand to more in the near future.

A key feature of Netki’s bitcoin wallets is their name, which do not look like a traditional combination of digits and letters.

Talking about the Wallet Name Service, they attempted to produce a domestic wallet address, and companies that have joined Netki’s wallet naming service are Purse, BitSo, Bitt and BlockCypher. Netki wallets have names like “wallet.koritzky.bit”. Thus, the service is not a wallet provider as such, but rather another ‘superstructure’ constructed on top of a current bitcoin wallet.

Netki also is becoming an online hub for vetting and verification of your digital identity.

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